Thomas Reynolds was born in 1844. 

He was initiated into Freemasonry in Montreal Canada in 1869 by St Paul’s Lodge No 374 then meeting at Tetu’s Hotel, Great St James and St Peter Streets. The Lodge remains the oldest English language Lodge in Montreal, and operates under the auspices of UGLE.

He joined the Lodge of Emulation No 21 in London in 1872 and then the Lodge of Felicity No 58 in March of 1873, proposed by another Companion of the the Chapter, Hubbuck. In being a member of both No 21 and No 58 he pre-empted today’s strong links the Chapter enjoys with both those red apron Lodges.

He was nominated a Grand Steward by No 21 in 1879 and joined Grand Stewards Lodge.

He was a City Merchant, based at Great St Helens.