The Chapter of Felicity was founded by nine brethren and companions from the Lodge of Felicity No 58 and the Janitor:

Founder Founding Office
Arthur Robert Marten      Z
Felix Sumner Knyvett      H
William Smithett      J
Oswald Halley Colven      Treasurer
Charles Edward Smith      Scribe E
Sir William John Crump      Companion
Frederick William Smith      Companion
Thomas Reynolds      Companion
James Ford      Companion
W Radford       Janitor

The Founders comprised three groups of friends and brothers.

William Smithett and his friends” were sufficiently noteworthy to qualify for their own chapter in the Lodge of Felicity History (Charles MacKenzie-Jarvis, London 1987) and with two of those friends Thomas Reynolds and Felix Knyvett, were important to both the Lodge and Chapter in the later years on the 19th Century. Later they would be joined in the Chapter by other members of their circle including Edward Hubbuck.

The second group have their origins in the Lodge of Union No 166, a Lodge with close relations with the Lodge of Felicity for more than a century. In 1878 there was an influx of members into the Lodge of Felicity which was experiencing a low point in its membership as many lodges do. That need was addressed by the arrival of a group of four brethren including James Ford and Frederick Smith, who were all elected on 18 May 1875 at the installation of Arthur Marten, a fellow founder of this Chapter.

The remaining Founder Companions formed the core of the Lodge of Felicity Committee at the time of the consecration of our Chapter, notably Sir William Crump.